Oh, England.

I’ve been there and back again, which will hopefully account for my relative silence around here the past month or so.

"Fairest Isle, all isles excelling..."

But I’m home now, blessedly so, even though I left the Fairest Isle behind me, and I’m overflowing with memories and stories. Once the jetlag has abated somewhat and the suitcases have been stowed and the mountains of laundry have diminished, I will be back with some of the lovely things I’ve picked up along the way.

My heart is so full and its treasures so carefully wrapped in the sprawling illegibility of ink-scribbled pages. I am looking forward to unpacking some of them here for you.

And, oh, my goodness gracious–the BOOKS! I cannot wait for you to see them! All throughout our travels I kept my eyes open for just the right sort for my little shop. I hope to begin listing them this weekend, and I promise a post-proper when I do.

Until then, my friends. God bless.

10 Responses to “Oh, England.”

  1. Laura says:

    I, for one, am glad, glad, glad you’re home. Can’t wait to take my trip to England through your words and pictures.

  2. Teresa says:

    So looking forward to stories of your trip!
    (and really really looking forward to the shop update – oh joy!)

  3. Kristen says:

    Welcome home πŸ™‚

    I can’t wait to hear about your adventure and to take a look at the new additions to the shop! Yay!

  4. Joanna Rogers says:

    I’m so glad you’re back, and I want to know all about it! And maybe I’ll give you an earful about Ireland…it was fabulous!

    • Lanier Ivester says:

      I cannot WAIT to hear all about Ireland, Joanna! πŸ™‚ I thought about you so much–so happy you had such a wonderful time!

  5. So blissfully delighted the images of you in England. I am so exited to hear about the lovely details of the journey and to see the books and more images. Honestly, Lanier, the one above looks STRAIGHT out of Victoria magazine. Amazing. Just like you. πŸ™‚

  6. Posy says:

    Dear Lanier
    I am pleased you are safe home with happy memories to savour.
    Somewhere I have read of a bookshop called ‘Evergreen Livres’ in a little town in the Cotswolds. I have the chance to visit this coming weekend and am looking forward to being there. Did I read of it on your blog? If I did, ‘thank you’ . . . and, if I didn’t, I will tell you what it is like for the next time you are this side of the Pond . . .

    • Lanier Ivester says:

      Posy, it was me. πŸ™‚ Do stop in–the proprietress is a real kindred spirit and a lovely lady. πŸ™‚ Oh, and enjoy the Cotswolds for me!!

  7. Posy says:

    I went, I saw, I loved it!
    Thank you for posting about this lovely shop ~ it is a real gem of a bookshop ~ and the shopkeepers were delightful. And I thoroughly enjoyed the Cotswolds!

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