And then there were two…


We’re delighted to announce that Hermione has a sister.

Hermione, aka Her Majesty

Hermione is delighted, too.

And she was only too happy to teach Perdita how to kick up her heels.

Perdita is exactly one week younger than her sister, (one week old today!) and she hadn’t had as much experience with the joy of life as Hermione already had at her age. But if anything’s catching in this world, it’s goat joy. Hermione doesn’t walk–she bounces or bounds or springs or capers. And after watching her curiously for a few days, and a couple of tumbles on the slippery wooden floors, Perdita has finally found her legs and is cutting a caper with the best of them.

Hermione in flight

I was talking to a dairyman the other day and he was expounding on the various virtues of the caprine milkers. He told me about the hardiness of the Saanens and praised the quality of the LaManchas.

“But the Nubians–they’re different than all of them,” he told me. “They’re the only ones that’ll love you back.”

I believe it.

"Let all things their Creator bless..."

We are so glad and grateful that these little girls have come to live with us.

O God, who created all beasts and cattle in a wonderful order and gave them into our care: Bless these animals, that they may be a joy to humankind and sharers in the feeding and nurture of the world. Make us good shepherds of all your creatures, we pray, in the Name of our merciful and Good Shepherd, your Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

13 Responses to “And then there were two…”

  1. Lisa says:

    You really must stop posting all these darling baby goat pictures. I have two midterms and a paper due this week, and I can’t stop looking!

    Just kidding. Perdita is too cute for words. I’m so happy she has you!

  2. Abby Maddox says:

    I cannot even get OVER how adorable they are!!! The pictures on this post are just astounding. Thanks for sharing your joy with us 🙂

  3. Sarah Durham says:

    Oh, Lanier! I can’t get over those floppy ears!! I just want to hold their sweet faces in my hands and stroke ears soft and long. You are right, there is nothing quite like baby goat joy… happy, carefree bounding out of joy for life! Thank you for posting the pictures. One can’t help but to feel joy and laugh…

  4. Heather says:

    What precious images!!! Love the second one, especially.

  5. Sheena says:

    Dear Lanier, how infectious and Franciscan is your tender love and nurture for all the beautiful creatures that share your home. Thank you for the beauty you spill over the internet with every entry in this blog.

    I hope your Lenten/Easter preparations are going well, and I can imagine that you are planning a joyful feast for Sunday.

  6. Stacy says:

    There is nothing so precious as springtime babies. Perdita is just lovely.

  7. Elisabeth says:

    Aww … they’re adorable! More than ever, your pictures make me want to keep goats too! Your goats are so adorable – thank you for sharing some snapshots of them! 🙂

  8. Laura says:

    I have known hundreds of baby goats, and I must say that there is nothing… NOTHING… more singularly adorable in all the world that a kid bouncing across a pasture. Or thirty. : )

  9. Janice LeJeune says:

    OK now if that isn’t precious I don’t know what is. SHA they are too cute. I’d have them spoiled already. Makes me want some baby goats. Every blessing to you for giving them a loving home.

  10. Linda says:

    Hi Lanier,
    I sent these pictures to my college-age daughter and asked that if I took care of her children (when she has them some day) if she would buy me goats like this, and she replied that they were the cutest things she ever saw, and that yes, definitely, she will buy me a goat farm. We can hardly wait! LOL but true. They are so cute. How can you possibly get any work done on anything else?
    Thanks for the pictures and all of your posts.

  11. Abby Maddox says:

    I can only hope that the reason there are currently “0 items” in your book shop is because you are adding all your new English acquisitions, and NOT because you’re closing up shop! I’ve been checking and checking, hardly able to wait to see what treasures you acquired over there! Hope your having a joyous Spring with your knew little guys.

    • Lanier Ivester says:

      No worries, Abby. 😉 We’re still up and running…for some reason the shop is taking forever to load–I’ll ask Philip about it.
      But, yes, I am hoping to get the England books listed tomorrow or the next day at the latest! 🙂 Been working on it…

  12. […] Hermione and Perdita, the Nubian doelings, are the delight of my heart. We could watch them at their antics forever—though Perdita attempted such a fancy caper yesterday she actually sprained her ‘ankle’ and consequently was prescribed a day of ‘stall rest’. Needless to say she was not too happy about it, but the little hoof was much better today and she’s sporting a fancy pink wrap just in case. It has been so much fun to see those little goats assimilate with the rest of the animals. The sheep were not so sure at first and tried to bully the newcomers. But Puck, their enormous big brother has been gentleness itself. He follows them around, as if to assure himself that they really are goats. And when they are confined in their pen from time to time, I’ll catch him reposing right against the fence on the other side, as close as he can get. My Great Pyrenees, Diana, has been a darling, as well. I watched her in the pasture the other day, napping in the shade near where the goatlings were grazing and then heaving herself up to move closer again every time they edged farther away. Hermione and Perdita love their new quarters in the barn. Hermione thinks that the manger makes the nicest bed, while Perdita prefers the platform of the yet-to-be completed haydrop. […]

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