Party Favors

"Many happy returns of the day," said Piglet...

One month ago I drafted a post introducing the Bookshop at Lanier’s Books and I pushed ‘Publish’ with a pounding heart.

Four weeks later, we hit the 100-mark with books sold and marked the first small anniversary of a dream-come-true.

“I can’t believe I’ve done this one hundred times,” I told Philip as he watched me wrapping the illustrious volume.

I can’t believe that I get to do this. I can’t believe that I get to play emissary between these treasures and the readers that love them. I can’t believe the kindred connections that have been made in a month. The glowing kindnesses of comments and emails. The breathtaking gift that surprised me by ‘return post’ one day last week.

I am truly overwhelmed. And so very grateful–to God and to the kind folks that take the time to stop in here–that I wanted to do something to acknowledge it. I wanted to have a little party. And to give away a one-month birthday present.

The title I selected is a very special one: Elizabeth Goudge’s A Diary of Prayer. It’s a book that has meant a lot to me personally, and a lovely and inspiring look at the prayers that influenced our own dear Elizabeth.

So here’s what you have to do: leave a comment below recommending a favorite book (these will be gifts in themselves!) and perhaps a little memento of what it’s meant in your life. The comment form will be open until midnight EST on Saturday the 4th of September.  A winner will be selected by the very unscientific but historically reliable method of name-drawing out of a hat (I promise to make it a chic, vintage affair) and will be announced on Sunday the 5th.

And thank you, again, dear readers and friends, for making this little site a place that you pause on the web. I hope and pray that it’s a ‘pause that refreshes’.

So Owl wrote…and this is what he wrote:
Pooh looked on admiringly.
“I’m just saying ‘A Happy Birthday’,” said Owl carelessly.
“It’s a nice long one,” said Pooh, very much impressed by it.

from Eeyore Has a Birthday and Gets Two Presents, A. A. Milne

67 Responses to “Party Favors”

  1. Congratulations, Lanier!

    Some of my very favorite books are treasures from my childhood. Some have already been mentioned so I’ll choose one that hasn’t. I adore the All-of-a-Kind Family series by Sydney Taylor. I am so looking forward to sharing them with Caroline! 🙂

  2. Eleanor says:

    To Dance, To Dream by Maxine Drury. A children’s book with real life stories of great dancers. My worn 1965 edition leaves little doubt that a love of ballet was birthed in me as a young girl. I’m very happy for its long life.

  3. Nancy Elizabeth says:

    All of the Miss Read books, particularly the Fairacre series. If I had to pick one, I would pick the first, Village School (published, I think, in 1955). The wry and wise observations of the new Fairacre schoolmistress, Miss Read, are enchanting. The series is wonderful– Miss Read writes beautifully about the changes over the years in the rustic village of Fairacre– both to the inhabitants and, on a larger scale, to a whole way of life.

  4. Rachelle says:

    Hi! I am so happy for you that your dream has come true and your beloved bookstore has blossomed into such a success. I delight in reading about it! I would like to enter the giveaway. My favorite book is “Hope was Here” by Jean Bauer. It is about a sixteen-year-old waitress uprooted from yet another attempt at making it in life with her aunt. Dumped in Wisconsin (land of cheese and oh so hokey pokey to this NYC girl), she becomes passionate about fighting for a good cause and learns to love the father she’s always waited for. This book has been an inspiration to me more than words can describe (but of course I’ll try to anyway!). First and foremost it is a good old fashioned testimony of how hope changes lives and sometimes even whole towns! Thanks!

  5. Emma Elizabeth says:

    I started reading Elizabeth Goudge after learning about her books either here or on YLCF. I fell in love first with The Bird in the Tree then quickly devoured all that our library could locate for me. I most recently re-read Green Dolphin Street and was torn and in tears by my love and understanding of both Marianne and Marguerite.

  6. Janna says:

    I recently read my first Elizabeth Goudge book (Gentian Hill) and loved it! It has been sometime since I read a book drew me in that much. Books I love….there are to many! Laddie by Gene Stratton-Porter is a huge inspiration to me, and of course I love Jane Austen’s writing. Rosemary Sutcliff reminds me of Tolkien, and I love Enemy Brothers and The Reb and the Redcoats by Constance Savory. I think though, if I have to pick one, the The Lord of the Rings would top the list. I first read it during a time of tough changes in my life, but I’ll always remember that time as special as well, because of the story I was experiencing.

  7. Carolyn says:

    My aunt introduced me to Elizabeth Goudge while I was visiting her home in Devon. I was worn out with our whirlwind of “once in a lifetime must cram it all in” European trip and wanted nothing more than to hide in my airy bedroom and lose myself in “The Rosemary Tree.” It was the beginning of many delightful hours spent in the company of Ms. Goudge’s lovely characters.

    I’ve been thinking all day about how to choose my favorite book…Is it The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien? I fell head over heals in love with the beauty of his prose and worldview in high school. Or how about C.S. Lewis’s The Great Divorce with its so-compelling glimpse into the joys of heaven? Then there is Sheldon Vanauken’s piercingly poignant A Severe Mercy. I’ve finally decided to give in to my indecision and break the rules and list them all.

  8. April Heki says:

    It’s a very good thing you requested a favorite book – favoring one above others would be heartwrenching and quite impossible.

    So many books have deeply affected me, with each turn of the page turning something in my life.

    At this time, I have to recommend the Lord of the Rings trilogy, preceded by the Hobbit of course, as is the proper order of things.

    Tolkien took me by storm. I began with the innocent simplicity of Bilbo’s adventure and continued into the unreckoned story of the trilogy. I stepped out the door and I didn’t keep my feet –I was swept off.

    Continually I’m surprised at how much I find some of my own story thread through the characters of Middle Earth. It’s utterly compelling.

    Thank you for your lovely website, Lanier! I’ve been so inspired by your writings and book choices.

    April Heki

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