English hives and Italian bees

I did something today that I have never done.

I went to the post office to pick up a very special delivery, namely, a package of honeybees! (Basically, a little screened wooden crate with the bees fully visible and active inside.) We’re officially beekeepers now–and I’m alternating between a dizzy joy and a quaking terror. 😉 Fortunately, Philip and I have been blessed with the friendship and support of several devoted beekeepers, and one of them, a neighbor, has promised to come over tonight and help us ease all these girls into their new home. I really am so excited I don’t know what to do with myself–I keep running down to the basement to check on them, and to assure them that it won’t be long now till they’re happily settled in the pretty house I’ve set up for them. Another long-held dream coming true! And I think it’s safe to say that the humbling insights and everyday miracles of being a ‘keeper of the bees’ will find their way into these pages.

My brother-in-law grinned when I told him about our bees. "So," he said, "you needed a few thousand more mouths to feed?" 😉 But after the first few weeks they will feed themselves, at least until winter. And in the mean time, what a frenzy of pollination will be going on in my garden!  


 From the archives, the experience (coupled with the reading of Gene Stratton-Porter’s The Keeper of the Bees) that started it all…

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  1. Tom West says:

    Hello, your bee stories are so cool i am new to bees as well ,started in spring 2009 one of my hives had wax moths get to them but the other stronger hive has exceled , i can understand you excitement waiting on your first hive and loved the story of the bee man . I am in southern va ,Clarksville area. My father had bees growing up i saw him work them and talk to them but they always ate me up , i have finally gotten over that fear and i talk to and love my little wonders my wife ,well happy and excited for me but still not to sure about her spot in the bees . Sue my better half loves her chickens she has named them all, helen henrietta hazel and hanna. The chicken follow her around and would probably go to town with her if she would let them. Ga in the north east part is where my mother grew up around toccoa and clarkville pretty country . Thanks for the great reading so much enjoyment in your words . Tom West

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