There and back again…

Well, after a WordPress update, a browser upgrade, a new laptop and an idyllic Maytime sojourn in England, I am back!

Philip and I have just returned from the most special trip imaginable. It really was a pilgrimage in many ways, as I am sure all lovers of English literature and culture can understand, and I am positively overflowing with the beauties I have seen and experienced. And though my body still seems to favor British time, and I’ve noticed a disconcerting instinct to drive on the left side of the road, I’m slowly readjusting to Stateside life. I’ve been wading through the calls and emails and comments and bills that have accumulated over our absence, and labelling pictures and adding the last little notes to my journal (I filled up a whole notebook!). And wondering wherever to begin this post.

But that’s just it–it’s the beginning. I couldn’t confine our experiences to a post, or a series of posts or a book! I wish that I could just sit down and recount the sum total of the Lord’s sweet blessings–blessings that nearly broke my heart at times. I hope to give a few bright glimpses of His goodness; bear with me if I wax sentimental in the weeks to come. There’s a curious sense of homesickness that clings to every memory I have of England.    

So here’s a little start…enjoy the fruits of my husband’s skill with a camera!


Is there anything in this world more enchanting than the prospect of an English lane? 


Unless, of course, it’s the villages they lead to…


The bluebells bloom in early May and the air was heavenly with their scent. Here we’re high above the sea in Western Somerset and have just happened upon this fragrant pool of them. Their aroma was one with the spring breezes. The beauty of the scene brought tears to my eyes…

Taking the water at the Pump Room in Bath. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It tastes awful, so I reasoned it must be good for me! And, besides, if Anne Elliot and Catherine Moreland did it…

Most of the time we stayed in self-catering cottages. This is the farm track leading to our first little ‘home’. It was situated in the heart of a working sheep farm and at night we could hear the lambs and ewes bleating through the open windows.

Our fairy-tale 15th century miller’s cottage. We learned that this tiny house was at one time occupied by the miller and his wife and their six children! There were rose vines clambering over the door and windows, and forget-me-nots and ferns grew with abandon all around it. Complete with an inglenook and a pokey stair it was more than heart could wish.

To be continued… ๐Ÿ™‚

One last thing…in the flurry of getting ready to leave last month I neglected to acknowledge the very kind and gracious nominations of four ladies I admire for the ‘Thinking Blogger’ award. Many and blushing thanks to Alison of The Autumn Rain, Sallie at A Gracious Home, Brenda at Coffee, Tea, Books and Me and Tonia at A Study in Brown. I truly appreciated the sweet things that you said. ๐Ÿ™‚ You have all inspired me towards beauty and truth and I thank you. 

7 Responses to “There and back again…”

  1. Brenda N says:

    What a delight to check Bloglines, having only a few minutes to spend online, and to see a new post from Lanier!

    The beautiful pictures were an added blessing. So glad to have you back.

  2. Maureen says:

    It’s nice to hear from you again! I was wondering where you were. Your pictures are lovely, although I must admit that they make me terribly jealous. Some day, maybe…

  3. Jessica says:

    Oh, how utterly lovely! I was excited to see a new post from you, Lanier, but to have it be one with such beautiful pictures! (Philip is really quite good at photography…what kind of camera does he use?) I’m looking forward to more posts about your trip…it sounds like it was wonderful (but how could it not be?!…England…*happy sigh*)

    Oh, and I listened to the music files you recorded a couple years ago of you and some of your friends singing…and they’re amazing…you all sound professional! Are you the one doing the solo at the beginning of “Lord Jesus, Think on Me”? And, would you mind if I downloaded those files to my computer to listen to more? If you’d rather I didn’t, that’s completely fine…but they’re so beautiful… *smiles*

    Have a glorious day!

  4. Emily says:

    Oh, I thought I had my longing to go to England under control, and then you post those pictures! Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to seeing more and hearing about your trip. Welcome back!

  5. Deb says:

    What a delight to hear from you again, Lanier! I’m with Emily…you’ve rekindled my desire to visit England. The photos are absolutely gorgeous and I’m coveting that wonderful cottage, if truth be told! I’m looking forward to reading more in the near future.

  6. Rachel says:

    Dear girl… Lost myself for a moment in fair climes and happy memories of kindred soul spaces. Come share another one with me and lose yourself in Melbourne!

  7. How lovely! I wondered what had happened to your blog, but I am thrilled to see that you were able to spend a goodly amount of time in England. My wonderful husband took me there last September, and I kept up a travelblog that you can visit at the link I’ve posted here. We took hundreds of photos and had a simply glorious time. We plan to go back again sometime soon! The pictures you’ve posted so far are enchanting, and I look forward to more! Blessings, Jennie