Every Day Matters

In the film Miss Potter, Beatrix’s character has a conversation with her parents in which her mother makes a rather disagreeable reference to her age. Her reply has been in my heart ever since: 

“At my age, mother, every day matters.

She was thirty-two.

Every day matters too much not to spend it on—or at least working towards—that which we love!

Every day matters too much to squander it in fretting and hurry…

…to center our thoughts—and consequently our lives—upon anything but the True, the Good, and the Beautiful!

…to fill our minds, our mouths, our homes with anything that is ugly or unnecessary!

Every day matters too much to waste a second of it worrying about what ‘they’ think…(in his great treatise on ‘Economy’, Thoreau directs one of his most pointed barbs at the notion of pleasing anyone but oneself in the matter of dress. When confronted with his seamstress’ dismay at the requested cut of his suit and her subsequent—and inevitable—remark that ‘They do not make them so now’, he ponders what is a puzzle to him in his inimitable style: “…That I may find out by what degree of consanguinity They are related to me, and what authority they may have in an affair which affects me so nearly; and finally, I am inclined to answer her with equal mystery…‘It is true, they did not make them so recently, but they do now.’”)

Each day is too precious to parcel ourselves off in ‘principles’ and ‘priorities’, to live in anything but a glad abandon of our whole selves—with all our fears, longings, desires and joys—to the God who gave us life. He knows it all.

He’s the reason it matters.      


4 Responses to “Every Day Matters”

  1. Abby Maddox says:

    I checked the site on a whim to see if you had written anything new–even though I was sure you wouldn’t have again quite yet. I was about to venture to a past journal entry when…what a great surprise! I think I am even going to be the first to post a comment on this one 🙂

    I think it is funny how much our world has changed since the time when Miss Potter lived. Now, people are making conscious decisions to not get tied down with husbands and children until well into their 30’s (or 40’s…especially in Hollywood). However, I think you are right in saying that we are never too young to start reaping all the joy we can from every day we have.

  2. Wendy says:

    You are so right Lanier! Even if it is just one or two ‘things you love’…..
    With Sunday’s spring-like weather, I just couldn’t resist doing a
    spring chore like weeding my herb garden. It was anything but work
    as my hands picked and pulled through the wonderful smells of
    blooming rosemary and overgrown sage. This was definitely one of
    those things ‘that I love!’ I knew there were other pressing things to
    do in the house but I couldn’t resist the excuse to linger outside doing
    something just for me.
    And, isn’t it that sweet desire He puts in us for the simple things that matter?

  3. April says:

    Every day does matter…how true that is. 🙂 (My, but I’m feeling profound tonight! ;))

  4. claudia adams says:

    After reading this post I changed my clothes! It is a dreary day with hints of freezing rain . I had dressed in my usual slacks that are very practical for a “home day” of cleaning, laundry, etc. I now have on an ancient Laura Ashley ankle length skirt (you probably know the one!) and feel much better with the possibiities of this day. Yes I will get my chores done but with more joy and the addition of some of my more favorite pursuits also. Hope your day is blessed . Claudia