At the Mercy of Tiberius

A stormy night, the mysterious death of a bitter old man, and an estranged granddaughter arrested for murder—thus the stage is set for one of Augusta Evan’s most thrilling tales.  The spell cast upon the prosecuting attorney by the marble-featured Beryl Brentano, who proclaims her innocence with righteous tenacity and a feminine swoon or two, is one that will affect the whole course of his life.  By the time she is sentenced he is more sure of her innocence than of anything else—but is it too late?

At the Mercy of Tiberius was a book that I simply could not put down.  This was also the novel from which my sister and I plucked the useful phrase, “She was the consummate flower of his heart’s dearest hope”, which has proved indispensable upon those occasions when expression eludes.     

This story takes you from a South still in the grip of Reconstruction to the wilds of Canada in a sweep of romance, adventure and Christian devotion.  Lovers of St. Elmo will be delighted; newcomers will be enchanted, I feel quite sure.  Augusta Evans is a romantic of romantics…

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