Lucy Maud Montgomery

What imaginative girl has not been captivated by the works of Lucy Maud Montgomery?  With a loving eye and a ready pen she gave to the world a tiny island off the coast of New Brunswick and a little band of girl heroines that have delighted the souls of ‘kindred spirits’ the world over.  How much we owe her, we who cherish the beauty and romantic ideals of another day!  Reading Anne of Green Gables at thirteen gave me my very first glimpse of how delightful it was to be different, of the glad freedom in being yourself and not everyone else.  Lucy Maud Montgomery was the first of many authors to lead me through the realms of enchantment—and how happy to discover that the magic lay not in flamboyant plots and fanciful settings but in friendship, human love and the beauty of God’s creation.

Lucy Maud left Prince Edward Island upon her marriage and ever after considered herself an exile from the place she loved best on earth.  But in her books we can go there as often as we like and find a world in which romance gilds the most common hours.  Anyone who has not acquainted themselves with characters beyond Anne will find friends just as lively and appealing in Pat (of Silver Bush), Emily (of New Moon) and Jane (of Lantern Hill).  In addition to these, volumes of short stories—among the best being Chronicles of Avonlea and Further Chronicles—give us vignettes of a town we all feel homesick for.

Here is an excellent biography of LMM published in Inkblots literary magazine.

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  1. I have been enjoying reading through your posts – especially your book reviews. we share a simliar taste. I live on Prince Edward Island and LM Montgomery is a cousin of mine. I have read and re read all her books and enjoy them immensely. I am also a fan of Elizabeth Goudge and Maud Hart Lovelace. Thank you for your thoughtful entries. I will be back to visit again.

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